We will preserve the World of Warcraft from the original release of patch 1 up to patch 1.12, manually curating all game content on this site, showing what was part of the game, allowing you to once again enjoy what made this game so special.

Here are a few topics we’re working on:

  • content documentation: keeping all the creatures, NPCs, quests, game features neatly documented sorted and comparable by patch version
  • for that purpose we build software in Rust to catalog, compare and archive all Vanilla WoW patches from version 1 to 1.12
  • because viewing often is more fun than reading, we will also be making videos about each patch, available game features, changes, great quests, quirks and the silly things
  • writing the stories behind those videos and also blog them for our new website
  • hunting down and archiving all the vanilla WoW game clients in all locales

In general we want be the https://archive.org/ for Vanilla World of Warcraft.

All the code produced is published on GitHub in the WowStack organization with full documentation, examples and test suites to get you set up for your own adventures.

We are on Patreon, in case you want to support us.

Famous last words

Warcraft®, World of Warcraft®, and all World of Warcraft® or Warcraft® art, images, and lore are copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.